PR Communication in Public Administration (on the eхample of Sverdlovsk Region)

Author: Nikitina A.S., Kuznetsova Y.M., Sergeeva T.A.

Communicology. 2019. Vol.7. No.2
Nikitina Alena Sergeevna, Cand. Sc. (Soc.), associate professor at Ural Institute of Management, RANEPA.
Kuznetsova Yulia Maratovna, senior lecturer at Ural Institute of Management, RANEPA.
Sergeeva Tatiana Alexandrovna, senior lecturer at Ural Institute of Management, RANEPA.

Abstract. The article deals with communicative aspects of PR-services in government structures. The authors propose a system of criteria and indicators of the effectiveness of modern PR-services in public authorities, considered their theoretical and methodological testing in the Department of information policy of the Sverdlovsk region; conducted an empirical study of PR-activities of the department of information policy of the Sverdlovsk region by such methods as: analysis of documents, information materials, website, publications in the media, interviews with PR-service; identified the main problems. The conclusions formulated in the course of the research can be the basis for the organization of PR-service in the public authority or improvement of its activities. In addition, the results of the study can provide valuable information for further scientific development of public relations issues.

Keywords: communicology, PR-services, public authorities, information policy, public service, efficiency of PR-services

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For citation: Nikitina A.S., Kuznetsova Y.M., Sergeeva T.A. PR Communication in Public Administration (on the example of Sverdlovsk Region). Communicology (Russia). 2019. Vol. 7. No.2. Р. 123–138. DOI 10.21453/2311-3065-2019-7-2-123-138.

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