Communication Practice within the Framework of the Conference “Project management: prospects for development”

Author: Marina E. Rodionova

Communicology. 2018. Vol.6. No.4
Cand. Sc. (Soc.), Ph.D., associate professor at the department of sociology, history and philosophy, deputy vice-rector for projects of Financial University of the Government of the Russian Federation. Address: 125993, Russia, Moscow, Leningradsky ave., 49. E-mail:

Abstract. The paper is dedicated to the recent conference “Project management: prospects for development”, considered as an important communication platform for federal executive bodies and constituent entities of the Russian Federation on the implementation of national projects (on the implementation of the Presidential Decree), project management and the development of a professional standard for project management specialists. Communication is among the priority skills of the professional standard. Besides, the paper gives the overview of approaches used to develop this standard, and a brief description of how the course of the project management conference itself based on the latest Presidential Decrees, Decrees of the Government of the Russian Federation. The author shows the diversity of organizational forms of federal executive authorities, Federation, presents examples of communication platforms, special events on the example of training programs for heads of municipalities, within the contest “Project Olympus” and others.

Keywords: event communication, special event, project management, professional standard (PS), project management specialist, Project Olympus, communication, national projects

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For citation: Rodionova M.E. Communication practice within the framework of the conference “Project management: prospects of development”. Communicology (Russia). 2018. Vol. 6. No.4. P. 27-35. DOI 10.21453 / 2311-3065-2018-6-4-27-35.

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