The Influence of Social Wellbeing on the Dynamics of Destructive Social Processes in Russia

Author: Yuri I. Zhegusov

Communicology. 2018. Vol.6. No.4
Yuri Innokentievich Zhegusov, Cand. Sc. (Soc.), Senior Researcher at North-Eastern Federal University. Address: 677000, Russia, Yakutsk, Belinskogo st., 58. E-mail:

Abstract. The article is dedicated to the analysis of the dynamics of the social well-being of the population and destructive social processes in the Russian Federation from 1990 to 2016. Analysis of statistical and secondary sociological data shows that the change in the social well-being of the population of significant degrees affects the incidence of alcoholism and drug addiction, criminality and the number of deaths from homicides, suicides and accidental alcohol poisoning. Besides, the study shows the growth of positive social sentiments that affects the birth rate and life expectancy of the population.

Keywords: destructive social processes, destructive behavior, alcoholization, anesthesia, criminalization, social well-being, early mortality, demographic processes

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For citation: Zhegusov Y.I. The Influence of Social Wellbeing on the Dynamics of Destructive Social Processes in Russia. Communicology (Russia). 2018. Vol. 6. No.4. P. 15-26. DOI 10.21453 / 2311-3065-2018-6-4-15-26.

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