The Scientisation of Culture: risks and challenges

Author: Kadyrbech H. Delokarov

Communicology. 2018. Vol.6. No.2
Kadyrbech Hadjumarovic Delokarov, Dr. Sc. (Philos.), professor, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. Address: 119571, Moscow, Vernadsky av., 84. E-mail:

Abstract. The author dwells upon the meaning of the scientisation of culture that leads to the predominance of discursive over the moral-ethical and artistic-aesthetic. According to the author’s position, such dynamics represents a danger for the future. It is emphasized that science, for all its importance, does not exhaust the human world and spiritual and moral values are no less important for man. In this regard, there is a conceptual narrowness of the economic-centric paradigm, which absolutizes the desire for enrichment in any way.

Keywords: spiritual and moral values, culture, economic centrism, science, globalization

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For citation: Delokarov K.H. The Scientisation of Culture: risks and challenges. Communicology (Russia). 2018. Vol. 6. No.2. P. 125-132. DOI 10.21453 / 2311-3065-2018-6-2-125-132.

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