Peacekeeping Activity of the Russian Orthodox Church in Syria During the “Arab spring”

Author: Yaroslav V. Sovgira

Communicology. 2017. Vol.5. No.5
Sovgira Yaroslav Valerievich, PhD student at St Cyril and Methodius School of Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies. E-mail:

Abstract. The Russian Orthodox Church has longtime historical ties with the Middle East region. In early days of nowadays revolutions and tensions in this region the Moscow Patriarchate officially declared its support and solidarity with the persecuted Christians there (2011). From 2013 humanitarian assistance to the people of Syria has been provided by the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society, referring to the blessing of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia. Since 2016, cooperation between the Russian Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Churches in this way has intensified. In 2017, the process of accumulating and delivering of humanitarian aid was started by the Commission for International Cooperation of the Council for Interaction with Religious Associations under the President of the Russian Federation, which includes representatives of Christian communities of Russia, Muslim and Jewish organizations. It seems that these aspects of the external activities of the Moscow Patriarchate should have more detailed research and systematization. Analysis and description of the processes of humanitarian assistance, made in this article, will allow solving this issue in prism of the newest history of the Russian Orthodox Church and its international activities. The interreligious component of the work in this direction should also deliver its special contribution.

Keywords: Syria, Moscow Patriarchate, IOPS, humanitarian aid, persecution of Christians, interreligious dialogue, inter-Christian relations

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For citation: Sovgira Y.V. Peacekeeping Activity of the Russian Orthodox Church in Syria during the “Arab spring”. Communicology (Russia). Vol. 5. No. 5. P. 152-162
DOI 10.21453 / 2311-3065-2017-5-5-152-162

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