Communication channels and promotion instruments in geobranding

Author: Irina V. Loguntsova 

Communicology. 2017. Vol.5. No.4
Loguntsova Irina Vyacheslavovna, Phd Sci. (Econom.). Lomonosov Moscow State University. E-mail:

Abstract. Geobranding technology is one of communication components of place marketing which aims to build up familiarity with a specific place (city, region, country, etc.) and its attractive image towards the target audience. In the recent years geobranding has received broad acceptance in our country which is demonstrated by a variety of successfully implemented projects (Sochi 2014, Perm «cultural revolution», Veliki Ustjug, Myshkin, etc.). Key task in this area is training of experts and professionals in the area of place marketing. The article includes a chapter of the new learning material for the bachelors’ academic program «Place Marketing» which is scheduled to be published at the end of the year and which covers main communication channels and promotion instruments in geobranding.

Keywords: geobranding, place marketing, place brand, promotion instruments, communication channels, brand communications

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For citation: Irina V. Loguntsova. Communication channels and promotion instruments in geobranding. Communicology. Vol. 5. No. 4. 2017. P. 119-129 DOI 10.21453/2311-3065-2017-5-4-119-129

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