Axiological analysis of news in the context of the certification of factual knowledge

Author: D. Z. Darmaeva

Communicology. 2017. Vol.5. No.3
RANEPA. Moscow, Russian Federation.

Abstract. The author reviews news reports using the resource of axiological analysis within the framework of the application of reflexional as a complex tool for verifying factual knowledge in the situation of the lack of traditional empirical procedures for data verification.

Keywords: fact, verification, axiology, media, news, reflexive analysis.

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For citation: Darmaeva Darima Z. Axiological analysis of news in the context of the certification of factual knowledge. Communicology (Russia). Vol. 5. No. 3. 2017. P. 70-76 DOI 10.21453/2311-3065-2017-5-3-70-76

Inf. about authors: Darima Z. Darmaeva, PhD student RANEPA, Prospect Vernadskogo, 84, bldg 1, Moscow. Institute of Social Sciences, department of cultural science and social communication, 10.01.10 – Journalism.

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