On Some Particular Issues of Confessions among Syria's Christian Community in 2011-2016

Author: Sovgira Y.V.

Communicology. 2017. Vol.5. No.2
SOVGIRA Yaroslav Valerievich, Post graduate student, Ss Cyril and Methodius School of Post-Graduate and Doctoral Studies. Moscow, Russian Federation.

Abstract: The paper regards the position of the Syrian Christian community in the midst of an armed conflict, taking into account the confessional differences. The author considers in what conditions stand the communities of Orthodox, Catholic and Oriental (eastern) traditions. This research is condcuted for the first time in domestic science. Author makes the comparative evaluation of communities relations with foreign countries and diasporas, then defines ways of providing various kinds of assistance. The author concludes that the community of the Antiochian Orthodox Church is in the weakest position. The reasons are weak diaspora and less activity in informational field. Communities of the Syro-Catholic, Maronite, Melkite and other Catholic Churches have a good support through advanced system of the Vatican charities. Oriental Churches (Armenian Apostolic, Syrian Jacobite, and Assyrian) maintain close relations with powerful diasporas, that give them considerable material and information support. Besides, many donations from the Catholic Church members play its role. In conclusion of the article the author defines the main factors of such a different status and suggests ways to normalize the situation.

Keywords: persecution of Christians, Syria, extremism, terrorism, ISIS (ISIL), Christian confessions.

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For citation: Sovgira Y.V. On Some Particular Issues of Confessions among Syria’s Christian Community in 2011-2016. Communicology. Volume 5. No. 2. P. 134-143 DOI 10.21453/2311-3065-2017-5-2-134-143

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