American public opinion and Russian policy of Trump administration

Author: Popov N.P..

Communicology. 2017. Vol.5. No.2
POPOV Nikolay Petrovich, Doctor of History, Principal Researcher, Institute of USA and
Canadian Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences. Moscow, Russian Federation.

Abstract. A number of statements of the new US President Donald Trump show that he intends to take far-reaching steps towards the normalization of relations with Russia, to develop cooperation, to seek solutions to disputes in the form of negotiations, to establish a friendlier climate in relations between the two countries. This approach to U.S.-Russian relations he demonstrated during election campaign and continued in the first weeks of stay in the White House. However, his victory in the elections and the beginning of the presidency met significant resistance in both houses of Congress, with the majority of the press, intellectuals and a large part of public opinion, including about his Russian policy. A large majority of Americans expressed a negative attitude towards Russia, while they assess Trump’s position as overly positive. Obviously, the possible steps of the President to improve relations between the two countries will require a change of popular sentiment in the country toward Russia and in general to the role of America in the world.

Keywords: Russian-US relations, public opinion, President Trump, America’s role in the world, reunion with Crimea, the conflict in Ukraine, the civil war in Syria.


For citation: Popov, N.P. American public opinion and Russian policy of Trump Administration. Communicology. Volume 5. No. 2. Pp. 15-28 DOI 10.21453/2311-3065-2017-5-2-15-28

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