Author: Bakushev V.V.

Communicology. 2016. v.4, n.4
BAKUSHEV Valery Vladimirovich, doctor of political sciences, professor, head of  the department of parliamentarism and inter-parliamentary cooperation of the Institute of public service and management; Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA).

Abstract: the article contains a political situation assessment, and also reveal the reasons of landmark politicization of relations in society caused by the buildup of the campaign Election “2016”. They are a key element of legitimization of power in a modern democratic state, which Russia considers itself a part of. The electoral system is seriously changed, innovations are introduced in the party regulations.
One can talk about the systemic adjustment of the political organization of the state, where functions of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government are clearly demarcated. On the basis of the expert poll the article presents analysis of the activity of 14 “parties-beneficiaries” who received the right to nominate their candidates without prior collection of signatures, as well as highlighting the elements of political activity of candidates in single-mandate candidates. There are three main directions in the Russian society on which there is no unanimous consent, and they can be in the focus of attention especially of new parties.

Keywords: politicization of relations in Russian society; elections “2016”; innovations in electoral and party legislation; assessment activity of 14 “parties-beneficiaries”, single-mandate candidates; new small parties, key directions of strategy of development of Russia

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