Author: TAHIROV M.

Communicology. 2016. v.4, n.3
TAHIROV Myumyun, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Library Studies and Information Technologies, Department of Communication and Information, Sofia, Bulgaria

Abstract: Identity formation is not through self-isolation, segregation, particularization, etc. It depends to a considerable level of communication relations of a personality with other people. Its approval, as well as his own “I” is what is happening in continuous communication with significant others, and then, in the public sphere where recognition plays a leading role.
To be a successful communication, efficient and effective participants in the communication process should have clear and calm identity. Communication is a process of exchanging messages and meanings from a sender to a recipient in an environment suitable for the perception of information transmitted by both the sender and the recipient; process, providing an opportunity to exchange information through various methods.
Based on the presumption of equality (equal worth, equal dignity) of all cultures, it is possible the implementation of the policy of recognition to those creations of them who possess qualities that meet generally accepted aesthetic and moral standards within a common traditional culture, ready to detachments place of any distinction, thus creating the desired synthesis of integration and consolidation.

Keywords: communication, identity, recognition, integration, consolidation, politics, technology, otherness, diversity, globalization

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