Communicology. 2016. v.4, n.3
MALYKHINA Maria Alexeevna, Candidate of Social Science, assistant professor of the Public Relations and Mass Communications Department at the Institute of Foreign Languages of the Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University). Candidate for a doctor’s degree at the Public Relations and Media Policy Department of the Institute of State Service and Management of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (IGSU RANE).

Abstract: the article deals with peculiarities of application of quality management systems in health care in Russia and abroad; shows the difference of the quality indicators from the point of view of consumers and health care providers; studied communicative tools in the framework of marketing and management to improve quality of care and create value for patients at each stage.
On the example of JSC hospital “Medicine” it examines the samples of invitation of the public to dialogue through surveys and feedback collection. The most convenient channels of communication are considered, including possibilities to present oral appeals, and also to call directly to the chief physician, while in the hospital, with special phones on the floors. In the clinic of “Medicine” the patient feedback is used not just to settle disputes or conflicts, it is the primary source for continuous improvement of services along with the study of the experience of the best Russian and world clinics. Implemented in the clinic the aim of communication is mutual understanding, finding consensus. Communication is conducted through partnership. The consumer is perceived as an equal business partner. In health care, for years, the patient was not equal to the doctor, who had a broader knowledge on the issue of treatment. In the Internet age, the clinic “Medicine” first in Russia, opened their patients’ access to the medical history through the Internet, making them partners in the quality control of medical care. Using technology of a well-known American economist and scholar of laws of competition Michael Eugene Porter, the article analyzes the American health care market. On the example of Johns Hopkins hospital program Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS), and centers of US government programs Medicare and Medicaid are considered new IT-technologies are discussed, which are used in foreign and domestic health care.

Keywords: marketing communication, marketing management, quality management, healthcare marketing, healthcare quality management, customer satisfaction

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