Communicology. 2016. v.4, n.3
BARANOVA Ekaterina Andreevna, PhD, Associate Professor at the Chair of Journalism and Public Relations, Russian State Social University.

Abstract: Today, 20 years since the beginning of media convergence process (in the mid-second half of the 1990s, the media have started to develop their online editions) there is a need of comprehensive consideration of the changes that have taken place at various levels of the media Institute: at the level of journalism as a sphere of creative activity; journalism as a profession; journalism as a system of mass media; journalism as a moral and ethical society institution; at the level of journalism as business.
The purpose of this article is to analyze and describe the changes that have taken place at various levels of Media Institute, as a result of media convergence. The author used a systematic approach. The actual embodiment of the system approach was carried out by: 1) a conceptual understanding of a wide range of activities; 2) empirical studies (numerous in-depth interviews with site editors and top managers of Russian media companies), conducted by the author in 2009-2015.
The author concludes that at the end of XX – beginning of XXI centuries with the development of the digitalization process, the Internet and mobile technologies a new stage in the Mass Media development has started. It led to the transformation of Journalism Institute at different levels. This new stage in the Mass Media development is characterized by dynamic changes.

Keywords: media convergence; convergence; Media Institute; Transformation of Media Institute; shareable content

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