"The Fundamentals of Social State” - Brand new book by RANEPA Professors F.I. Sharkov and A.N. Averin

Another textbook "The Fundamentals of Social State" by F.I. Sharkov and A.N. Averin has come off the press. 
Reviewed by: Doctor of economics, Prof. of RANEPA A.M. Babich, Doctor of economics, Professor, Meritorious Scientist of Rus. Fed. N.A. Volgin
The book reveals domestic and foreign experience of formation and development of the social state. It introduces students to the essence, models, objectives, principles, functions, legal and economic basis of the social state. Particular attention is paid to the state and non-state social policy, its subjects and objects, and to the management in the social sphere of the social state.

The book corresponds to Federal State Educational Standards in Higher Education 3+ and is recommended by the Educational Methodological Association for higher education students, speciality 38.03.04 "State and municipal management" (qualification for the degree of "Bachelor"). Discipline is included in basic (mandatory) list of courses in the areas of "Tourism", "Hospitality", "Customer Services", and discipline "Fundamentals of the social state and civil society" – in academic program "Social Work".