Dear members of editorial council, editorial board, authors of "Communicology" journal. Over two years of its existence, though relevant and informative articles, the journal got known to national and foreign audience and was included in the list of peer-reviewed journals in sociology, political science and cultural studies.

Alongside with the paper version of "Communicology" journal, its electronic version and student scientific journal were functioning. The articles of F. Sharkov, S. Kravchenko, V. Zaharova, L. Komarova, O. Mitroshenkova, V. Haidouk were cited from 3 to 6 times. Thus, according to statistics, just the English version of the web site has been viewed and downloaded by more than 5000 readers. Of particular interest for users abroad are the special issues, dedicated to communications in sociology, political and cultural sciences. In Russia the site has already got over 25.000 readers, the impact factor formed 0.465.

This is the result of the efforts of the editorial staff and the authors. Thank you for your excellent work and wish you success in future. For those who have not yet had time to view publications of our authors, we offer the list of recent articles.

Chief Editor
Felix I. Sharkov