Published the new book by Professor Felix Sharkov about legal regulation in advertising, public relations and journalism

Published the next book in the series "Integrated Communications" by Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor, Honored Scientist of Russia, head of the department of public relations and media policy of the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IGSU) Felix I. Sharkov "Integrated Communications: legal regulation in advertising, public relations and journalism: Textbook". 3rd ed. Moscow: Publishing and Trading Corporation "Dashkov & Co.", 2014. - 336. - ISBN 978-5-394-00783-5.

This book is the third edition of the book series "Integrated Communications", which were published in three books by the author.

The tutorial opens the legal regulation of advertising and exhibition activity, set out the principles of legal support public relations, described the features of the legal relationship of the media. The book is addressed to future journalists, bachelors and masters of advertising and public relations. It may be useful to teachers of higher educational institutions, as well as researchers and professionals involved with journalism, theory and practice of social communication.

Discipline "Integrated Communications" included in the base (mandatory) part of the module "Communicology" of the third generation standard for bachelors advertising and public relations.

Felix I. Sharkov is the founder of the interdisciplinary scientific field "Communicology", President of the International Academy communicology, editor in chief of the international scientific journal "Communicology."

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