THE NEW VECTOR IN INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF IIPAM (Internationale Institute of Public Administration and Management)

Internationale Institute of Public Administration and Management  of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) is actively developing international relations in the field of education.
On August 6, 2014 the Director of IIPAM, professor Igor Bartsits, JD hosted the business meeting with Dr. Alexander Agafonov, the Executive Vice President of Globe Language Services, Inc. (USA).  The business meeting was also attended by Dr. F.I. Sharkov, the Editor-In-Chief of the Communicology Journal and the head of Public Relations and Media Policy department as well as Dr. Vera Zakharova of Public Relations and Media Policy department.
The meeting included the discussion of evaluation (“nostrifikatsiya”*) of graduate and post-graduate degrees (Candidate and Doctor) held by Faculty members of IPAHRM and other departments and institutes within RANEPA.
As the Chief Academic Officer of Extra Credit International LLC, a US-based company providing distance learning solutions for working adults, Dr. Alexander Agafonov also discussed his experience with developing and implementing cooperative Russian-American distance learning programs.  An agreement was reached during the meeting to start developing the framework for enrolling foreign students into IPAHRM’s Master’s degree programs.
New areas of international cooperation involving the Communicology Journal were also discussed during the meeting.

(“Nostrifikatsiya” is a Russian term (originally from German “Nostrifikation”) for evaluation of foreign credentials, i.e., for diplomas, degrees, transcripts from other countries to be equated to credentials legally used in a particular country).

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