The major executives of the faculty  "The institute of public service and human resource management" RANEPA and the editor-in-chief of the COMMUNICOLOGY JOURNAL F.I. Sharkov actively expand the international contacts.

ON THE 16TH OF May, 2014 in Presidential academy the meeting of the dean of faculty IGSUP A.I. Turchinova with the dean of philosophical faculty of University in Nish (Serbia) Goran Maksimovich and Dejan Markovic, the Doctor of Philology, the associate professor, the head of the department of Russian language and literature of philological faculty took place.
The editor-in-chief of the international scientific journal "Communicology", the deputy dean of faculty of IGSUP on international and public relations Sharkov F.I. participated in a meeting.
IGSUP was also presented by the deputy dean of faculty Kulinkovich V. L. and PhD professor Efremov E.A.
The chairman of regional public organization "Association of Serbians", the adviser of the ambassador of Serbia for culture and sports Rade Andzhelkovich and the founder and the head of a leading information site about Serbia WWW.SRBIJA.RU Andrey Aleksandrovich Posadsky participated in a meeting.
During the meeting which took place in the warm and friendly atmosphere, the Serbian colleagues told about Serbia, difficult history, about University Nish, its today's tasks. All history of Serbia is a history of continuous fight for independence, for the right to build the future independently. And the position of Russia in relation with  Serbia causes sincere respect and gratitude.
Goran Maksimovich paid special attention to importance of cooperation of students and teachers of University in various areas with the Russian partners, - "For us is obvious not only importance of the development of mutual exchange of knowledge, teaching techniques, to organize and hold joint scientific events and research projects. We seek for strengthen and expand, and cultural, spiritual bonds with the fraternal Russian people".
The dean of faculty of IGSUP A. I. Turchinov told about faculty activity, its structure, the immediate tasks, including in the field of development of international relations. "Our faculty prepares highly qualified graduates in the field of public service. At the same time, we seek for forming of Patriots of Russia. Cooperation with University Nish, certainly, will have the most positive impact on process of formation of future managers".
The editor-in-chief of the international scientific journal "Communicology", the deputy dean of faculty on international and public relations F.I. Sharkov told the Serbian guests about the Communicology journal, its main tasks and  next plans.
Felix Izosimovich on behalf of an editorial council suggested to prepare joint with philosophical faculty of University Nish issue of the journal.
The meeting ended with joint photography of all participants.
The dean of philosophical faculty of University in Nish (Serbia) professor doctor Goran Maksimovich and the dean of faculty Institute of public service and RANEPA human resource management A.I. Turchinov.
The editor-in-chief of the international scientific magazine "Kommunikologiya" F.I.Sharkov tells guests from University Nish about plans of editorial council.