Dear readers, colleagues!

You hold the first issue of the polythematic international scientific periodical called “Communicology”.
Our Periodical is registered as media by Federal Service for statutory compliance in the area of public communications and cultural heritage protection (certificate of registration PI no. FS 77 – 54393 from 10.06.2013).
All material is subject to strong verification in the editors, which includes the leading both domestic and international studiers in the fundamental areas of humanitarian and social scientific fields, including those who fulfil practical implementation of innovative social – communicative technologies.
The main goal of the scientific issue “Communicology” is publication of the outcomes of fundamental and translational researches, exploratory developments of scientists, higher-education teaching personnel of educational and academic institutions, Ph.D. candidates, postgraduates and applicants for a degree in the area of social and humanitarian sciences with theoretical and/or practical orientation.
The periodical represents interdisciplinary issue of scientific-exploratory and scientific – practical direction “Communicology” oriented on innovative researches, projects, references, statements, symposiums reports, review at work on highlight questions of theory and practice of communication, social relations and media policy, and scientifically practical directions of relations with public sphere, advertisement, journalism, sociolinguistics and other interdisciplinary fields of communicology. The publishing priority in this periodical will have material which covers highlight problems of modern communication theories, genesis of communicology, types and models, roots and the main paradigms of social communications, theoretical and practical questions of different marketing communications integration.
We also invite for collaboration scientists, experts and all those who is interested in the problems and potentials of development of goodwill communications (communicative aspects of formation of image, brand, reputation, individual celebrity, organization and its production). The priorities will be distributed to the authors of modern researches in domestic and world communicative science and role of communicology in the development of system of education, nurturing and personal growth at the contemporary stage of society evolution. The determination of specified problems and potentials realization largely depend on both us, and you, on our initiatives, creativity and common understanding.
Without regard to enlargement of communicative space of interworking of the Russian and international scientists, the editors and editorial board of the periodical set some prospective problems:
- weight winning among readers of all progressive world by its state of the art publications, their urgency, theoretical originality and practical importance;
- on-the-spot and veracious presentation of domestic and world scientific researches in the field of social communications;
- assure compliance of the periodical with the requirements and criteria set for scientific periodicals and issues which are included in the List of Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation, RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index), the international standards of periodicals included in the Web of Since, Scopus, and other international publishing structures and systems;
- full-scale debatable conduction among domestic scientists and leading experts, performing communications in different fields of life-sustaining activity: organization of discussions on urgent problems of theory and practice of communications, exchange of experience of teaching and preparation of academic staff for communicology directions.
Entering the scientific environment of the higher school and academic system in Russia as informative and communicational constituent, the periodical aims at integration of academic and teaching science.
We with great pleasure invite for collaboration all those who is ready to share with us their thoughts and ideas and is not indifferent to what happens today in the Russian science and in its very important growing field - communicology.
Write to us, send us your propositions, boldly express your point of view, ask us, participate in our contests and scientific forums, share with us your observations and professional knowledge in different fields of communicology and practical communicative spheres. Let your concernment serve as a base for our and your periodical perfection.
I hope that our periodical, the editor-in-chief of which is a popular both in the home country and abroad scientist, founder of the scientific field in Russia “Communicology”, President of International Academy of Communicology, Doctor of Social Science, professor, honored scientist of the Russian Federation, Felix Izosimovich Sharkov, will be industrious companion of your life.
Relatively soon we will also please you with on-line version of the scientific periodical “Communicology”, whereas now, please, write to us to the following E-mails:

Yours sincerely,
Chairman of the editorial board of the periodical “Communicology”
Vice Principal of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
Doctor of Economics, Professor
A.L. Safonov