Requirements for the format of articles: The first page contains the title of article, the information of author: surname, name and patronymic completely, academic degree, academic title, position and place of work (name, index and address of the organization without abbreviations), contact information: e-mail, phone number.

Requirements for the format of articles:
The first page contains the title of article, the information of author: surname, name and middle name (or patronymic), academic degree, academic title, position and place of work (name, address and postal code of the organization without abbreviations), contact information: e-mail, phone number.

1.      Text formatting (Microsoft Office Word 2007 or later):
·         Headings are typed in bold letters;
·         Spacing before paragraph - 1.27;
·         Line spacing - single, font - Times New Roman, font size – 14 pt, page margins - 2.0 cm at all margins;
·         The abbreviations are defined on their first appearance;
·         The use of mathematical formulas and abbreviations in the article, except for the generally accepted, should be limited, the units of measurement should be used according to GOST 8.417-2002 GSI. Notes are numbered in Arabic numerals;
·         The article is divided into subsections with subheadings, all illustrations (diagrams, graphs, tables, etc.) are numbered;
·         The number and name of a table are given above the table, the number and name of a drawing is given below the drawing;
·         Schemes, diagrams, charts, forms of documents etc. are considered drawings. The exemplary material should be referenced in the text;
2.      Annotations (abstracts):
Informative, originality, substance, structured logic text articles from 100 to 300 words;
3.      Keywords:
From 6 to 10 keywords, it is desirable that the keywords are indexed in Web of Science (WOS) and Scopus databases [1].
4.      List of references:
Quoted literature and other sources (References) are listed at the end of the article 15-17 references) according to the requirements of WAC and GOST R 7.0.5. -2008. Bibliographies are issued in accordance with the requirements of WAC and GOST R 7.0.5. -2008. Reference to the list in the main text are given in square brackets;
5.      Attachment:
The title, information of author, abstract, keywords, references are presented in English (the requirements are the same as stated in paragraphs 1 to 7). If the author of an article written not in English (written in Russian, French, German, Korean, etc.) presents along with English summary the full article in English, it will be posted on the website of the journal;
6.      References:
·         Unpublished sources may not be used as references, but may be mentioned in the text;
·         A list of references is made in the order in which they are mentioned in the text;
·         Recommended number of references - from 10 to 30 (but no less than 10), of which at least 30% must be from foreign "good quality" sources on the topic of the article, preferably of authors with high citation index in WOS and Scopus. Self-citations should make no more than 30% of the total number of citations;
7.      Submission to the editor:
An article is submitted as a file with the extension .doc or .rtf. The subject of the letter and the name of the file contain the author's name and the title of the article.

The journal is a non-commercial publication as it is enshrined in the publishers imprint. Since the publication has no sponsors, its functioning is based on the principle of self-repayment. Fees, paid by the authors of the articles, are to compensate editorial, proofreading, publishing and mailing costs.

Costs for services on publication of articles and shipping of the journal:
Publishing of 1 text page
(1 page = about 1800 characters without spaces, the number of pages is rounded to the nearest whole number)
8,75 euros 350 rubbles
Drawings (photos, diagrams), formulas or tables in the text
+ 20% to the total cost of publication (excluding the cost of the printed issue)
1 printed copy of the journal, including shipment by registered post
20 euros 800 rubbles
Electronic version of the journal
Professional translation of article in English or another language
Possible, on the author’s request

Other terms and conditions of publication are posted on the website
The editorial board reserves the right to select and edit the submitted material. Editing of articles is agreed with the authors. Opinions of authors expressed in articles do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the publisher. The submitted manuscripts are not returned. All the manuscripts of scientific articles are subject to reviewing. The author may be refused a publication of an article on the following reasons:
The article is not formatted according to the rules;
The author refuses to edit the article according to the requirements of the editorial board and reviewer;
The author did not fulfill constructive recommendations of a reviewer in time;
The article contains more than 10% of borrowing.
In case of refusal of publishing of a scientific article the author receives a notification.

The electronic version of the journal is published on the website within 10 days after the deadline for submission of materials for the next issue. The printed version is sent within 15 days from the publication of the electronic version. The printed version is published in Moscow (Russia) and sent from Moscow (Russia) by registered post and by subscription. The order of the printed version for the authors is required.

The authors are responsible for the content of articles and truthfulness of the information. If the publication is detrimental to third parties, or someone's rights have been violated, as well as generally accepted standards of scientific ethics, the authors take full responsibility according to the laws of the Russian Federation and international laws in the relevant field. The electronic version of the article is sent to the following addresses: sharkov_felix@mail.ru, vasilenkola@mail.ru. In an accompanying email the author confirms the acceptance of the terms of publication, states his or hers telephone number, email address, date of birth, passport data (series, number, when and by where it was issued, subdivision code), address with postal code, social security number and tax ID number.

The editorial board reports to the author on the terms of publication after reviewing. If notified of the possibility of a paid publication, the author must send a copy of the receipt to the address of the editorial board.

Printed article, signed by the author, together with two copies of the completed and personally signed contract are sent to the address of the editorial board.

The Editorial Board of the journal
Prospect Vernadskogo, 84, korpus 6, kab. 3021, Moscow, Russia, 119606.