Author: VOLKOVA A.V.

Communicology. 2016. v.4, n.4
VOLKOVA Anna Vladimirovna, Doctor of Political Sciences, Associate Professor, Chair of Political Science, Department of Political Management, St. Petersburg State University.

Abstract: This paper presents an analytical review of the book “The Russian political science. Ideas, concepts, methods“ (Scientific Editor L. Smorgunov.) From the series ”Russian Political Science: Origins and Prospects“, published under the general editorship of O. Gaman-Golutvina in 2015 in connection with the anniversary Russian Political Science Association (RAPN). The author concludes that the achievements of modern Russian political science is based on the ideas and traditions, which were created by social scientists in XIX-XX centuries. In the same time, Russian political science does not develop in isolation; it is in line with the main trends of the world political science. Russian researchers work in a close contact with their colleges in International Political Science Association. This book pays attention to the problems which should be solved by political science community in the nearest future studies in the context of new electoral campaign in Russia.

Keywords: political science, development, traditions, scientific schools, electoral cycle, government, public policy

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