Communicology. 2016. v.4, n.4
MELNICHUK Ekaterina Sergeevna, PhD student in the Department of organizational design of control systems of the Institute of state service and administration of Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA). Consultant to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

Abstract: The article is devoted to the study of information and communication processes of the big city. It is noted that megacities are in the focus of the global information networks related to the implementation of the so-called knowledge economy. They are the center of political life, influencing the development of relevant economic, social, demographiical, cultural processes.
The features of development of large cities in Metropolitan areas as a result of processes of urbanization and globalization are defined. It is concluded that the informational-communicative change plays a dominant role in the social life of the metropolis.
The availability in cities of highly complex information and communication problems are noted, while at the same time experiences the process of communicating compression of the world, turning the metropolis into a “global village” where people “form a single society”. Attention is paid to the fact that information and communication as a way of transmitting information, becomes widespread through the Internet, interpersonal communication moves to a level of communication in the network.
The characteristics of the mechanisms of social interaction in big cities is given. The features of information perception of youth is specified; the attention is focused on the fact that modern digital technology and the ways of information transfer form the new quality of the information environment, which is sometimes impossible to separate the real from the artificial. It is concluded that the artificially created thread of information is read by young people as a cultural setting, which leads ultimately to the fact that they refuse to correlate it with the primary reality (reality of reality).

Keywords: metropolis, information and communication changes, communication, information-communicative problems, active communication processes, Avtomaticheskaya system, the phenomenon of “social loneliness”, the Internet, global information network, information perception, the mechanisms of social interaction

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