Author: BAHAEVA T.L.

Communicology. 2016. v.4, n.3
Tatyana Leonidovna, PhD in sociology, post doctoral researcher Sociological Faculty Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University.

Abstract. The political processes in Ukraine had led to appearance of some neologisms that have become the ideological symbols of information wars. Due to the virus spreading, these neologisms have obtained the status of brands. This occurred а a result of their deployment from the chaotic state of spontaneous appearance of the branding system. This phenomenon, which is characteristic
also for the business environment, is the basis for innovation in communication technologies.
As a result, branding activities are increasingly integrated at the same time the humanitarian methods of influence on the target audience, associated with the social responsibility of business, and the manipulative ones, including “disruptive” technology to ensure effective achievement of the goals in the confrontation of meanings in a competitive environment. Combined with propaganda and concentrated on the brand images, these branded meanings can influence the social temperature and import into the public environment the enthusiasm, patriotism and passionarity but also damage it is a social and cultural sphere. The meanings implemented during the information wars and actively communicated by the media frequently have negative connotations that on one hand provides them the additional energy while integration to society and on the other – enforces the social risks.
In these wars with battle of meanings in the background, the models and concepts of soft power are being spread more widely – reflexive management, controlled chaos, reflexive control. Appeal to them and focus on the management of meanings via communications in branding makes reference reflection of researchers more complex and leads to the conclusion that the “hybrid control” of branding activities, which combines linear and nonlinear methods and includes intuition, is highly required. This approach has a potential of radical growth of efficiency of this activity.

Key words: brand, branding, communications, manipulative technologies, branded meanings, cultural codes, information wars, soft power, reflexive control, management, strategic communication, controlled chaos, intuition, self-deployment.

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