Author: RUZHKOV R. А.

Communicology. 2016. v.4, n.1
RUZHKOV Ruslan Alexandrovich – postgraduate student of the Institute of public administration and management, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA).

Abstract:Modeling is now widely used in political communications. In social management of applied socio-mathematical models of political systems and processes, electoral behavior, etc. Mechanism for the actuation of the developed models is social regulation, social planning, social planning, development and implementation of specific measures to address social problems. Modeling of the control system at the level of specific political organizations is the establishment of social engineering schemes and designs that reveal the relationship of political patterns, political processes and relationships with systems and controls. The sociological model of diagnostics of political system and process includes cognitive, design, organizational, technological, and research components. Monitoring of political processes can be conducted with use of the complex sociological, psychological, statistical, mathematical and other methods. When studying the socio-political system of political monitoring is aimed at studying the political sphere. The model monitoring requires the inclusion of a predictive component in the form of trends (variants) the development of a political object in the future. Predicting the consequences of implementing this programme, the reform plan and their reflection on the lives of people, their needs and interests — one of the goals of monitoring on the basis of the generated models.

Keywords: modeling political processes, political communication, diagnosis, diagnosis political, policy monitoring, social control, social sanction, social norms.

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