Issue content of current Communicology journal (vol.4 №5, 2016)

Editor’s note
Sharkov F.I. Transformation of electoral consciousness in the new political dimension

The electoral system of modern Russia and abroad
Sinchuk V.V. The electoral system of Russia in the new political dimension.
Kamyshanov V.I. Global challenges and national elections: search for solutions.
Kjurchiski N. Elections as contemporary mechanism for legitimating of the Gulf oil monarchies in the post ‘Arab spring’ era

Sign elements of electoral system
Shapiev S.M. “Any sign” in the ballot; world experience and the Russian practice.
Dobronravov A.V. Elections as a symbolic ceremony legitimizing the process of power.
Lyubarev A.E. Electoral system for the State Duma election: opportunities for improvement.
Shirokov O.A. Party systems as a tool of legitimating of political power.

Electoral processes in youth and new environments
Slizovskiy D.E. The paradox of youth attitudes and relations to the elections 2016.
Magadiev M.F. Participation of the Russian youth in the electoral processes as a factor of education of civicism and patriotism
Salykov D.N. New small Russian parties in the electoral process

Sociological research of political communications and preferences
Ivanko N.A. Influence of global instability on democratic character of institutes of the state.
Makarenko B.I. Adaptation of political actors to the challenges of contemporary politics.
Bogachev M.I. Party preferences of religious groups, or why the Russian Catholics voted for “Yabloko” and LDPR in 2011
Caireac I. The right to vote in Moldova and political games around the elections

Corporate advertizing communications and democratic processes
Potapchuk V.A. Corporate communication model in the XXI century
Yudina E.N., Sadikov M.G. Gender role aspects in advertisements and TV commercials communications.
Pleshchitser M.Yak. Domestic violence against children in the formation of destructive social relationships.
Curtis Cooper. Democracy and “dollarocracy” in the United States.

Development of cultural communicative environment in Russia
Usmanov R.H. Influence of migration and ethno-confessional interests on the electoral process in Russia.
Tabasaransky R.S., Melikov I.M. Migrant-phobia: the media in thrall to mass psychology
Pichugina O.A. Transmedia narrative in urban communications
Bogatyreva T.G. The communications potential of office space trendsetters design.

Jalilova, N. F. Life as history, and the history of life. To the 60th Anniversary of Vitaly Orlov