December 17, Vladimir Putin held the end-of year media conference, 11th for him as a president. The conference did not virtually differ from previous ones and the questions didn’t seem to be unpredictable. Lots were dedicated to political situation in Russia and in the World. The president has previously dwelled on them, so in this sphere his answers seemed to be mainly anticipated. However, responding to hot issues of international politics, Vladimir Vladimirovich has conspicuously deviated from the official speech while describing the relations of Turkey and the U.S. 

Regretfully, the items of education, science and youth employment have not been touched. 
Still, in present economic conditions in Russia the last item seemed to be of particular interest for young people, marginalized despite university diplomas and professional certificates. Neither the theme of patriotic education of youth was raised. The President has indirectly touched on this question, saying we are one country, united Russia, where informal groups or sects should not induce youths. As is tradition, audience enjoyed some presidential humor and jokes. But all things considered, the President was speaking from the positions of defender of our country, which was clearly seen throughout the media conference. 
Vera Igorevna Zaharova – deputy chief editor of scientific journal “Communicology”, candidate of sociological sciences, Associate Prof. of Public Relations and Media Policy Department of the Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), Development and External Communications Director of the Academy of Labor and Social Relations.

Source: Davydov.indeks