Y.Alekseev. Text at the plenary meeting the 52nd session of Commission for Social Development of the United Nations

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Company of Human Capital "Optima project", member of the editorial board of the journal “Communicology”

Dear Mr. President,
Dear colleagues and friends!

I represent the Russian delegation of the NGO "Sail of Hope".

My presentation concerns   the ways of solving of the global challenges.

New time has come, and it’s necessary to design a new lifeto unite the interests of land, an individual and business.

Of land as the mother territory;

Of an individual as worker and eternal creator;

Of business – as successful , efficient and creating gainful jobs.

It’s necessary to provide equal opportunities, rights and capabilities for the financial viability of a territory to retain its talents.

Every territory should have resources for reproduction of human capital and for creation of attractive infrastructure for human life in harmony with nature.
The main task is to retain talents in the territory.

The inequality of economic conditions leads  to intellectual erosion  of a territory. Talents are " washed out " of those places where they are born.

A territory loses its most highly trained representatives who leave it looking for a better life in successful countries, and moreover, in a successful company.

We see that the current initiatives of socially responsible business and government programs of social development are strategically inefficient. They are compensatory but not systemic.

The gap between rich and poor is growing.

I am convinced that the answer to the crisis should be the creation of a new social institution, a new entity of business relations which is responsible for the development and preservation of the national human capital of territories.

The new entity will be responsible for managing the development of human potential and its capitalization in a territory.
In other words - we need to have a profile operator for a flexible provision of business with trained personnel based on the condition   “here and now”.

To solve this problem there has to be a partner business tandem of NGO and a public commercial structure.

1. A specialized territorial non-profit institution - for personnel management and social programs of human potential development. It has an organizational legal form of NGO.

2 . A public - private commercial municipal personnel - logistics company. An organizational legal form is that of a joint stock company.

We can no longer bear the philosophy definition of the term “human capital of territory”. Now it is necessary to form a new type of capital, namely as deposit asset of each territory, as financial – budget one.

We have to admit that today it is necessary to unite liberal and communist ideals.

It's time for a new ideology.

The new ideology as a continuation of the ideology of liberalism.

This is the time of Liberal Communism.

The liberal ideology of Communism is the collective responsibility of a particular land residents, of a community and individually of a person for their Motherland, for their place in all aspects of its existence with the use  of global resources of liberal financial and exchange markets.

New life according to the ideology of liberal communism is a new unity, a new trinity.

It is the trinity of a man, business with work places and authority.

The best transparent financial exchange instruments of liberal market for asset capitalization of territories and large-scale investing into a worker, a community, into the capitalized territory are demanded.

Any investment into a worker allows getting a direct revenue, which is absent today.

Now the growth of global financial capital depends on the scale and successful growth of the human capital of all countries!

This creates a new system of life and positive outlook for the future on account of market capitalization of private-municipal public company.

Each territory and community gets a sensitive indicator of the quotes after the IPO of specialized private-municipal companies of national territorial human capital.

The New Trinity does not only oblige but motivates all structures of society to take care of upbringing of a responsible creative and successful individual.

These are the conditions for socialization and creation of a responsible constructive and creative personality :

a) New social and labor relations , a new labor contract , new responsible relationships between a man and his family, between family and business, between family and territory.

b) Stable families with many children in liberal communes, guaranteed new services for decent quality of life and confidence in the future at its parent territory.

Each person finds his personal interest in life, an opportunity to find and realize himself, whoever he is: a worker, an employee, a social worker, an entrepreneur, an investor.

We, Russia, put forward a new socio- economic and political project of life in the 21st century – The project " Joint Stock  Human Capital ".
It allows to convert territories into " oases " of a successful business and comfortable  creative and constructive life .
It’s time to use financial and exchange instruments of capitalization to the good of sustainable social development, new quality of life in harmony with nature.

The draft is prepared for the implementation by the National Company of Human Capital "Optima project."

We invite you to the side EVENT organized by our Russian delegation to present specific social projects.

13/02/14 from 15:00 to 16:30 meeting room 8