The international scientific journal Communicology is registered June 10, 2013.
The journal will cover questions of the theory and practice of communicology. In particular, it is planned to report on the theory and practice of public relations, media and communications, the basic theory of communication, sociology of mass communications, image making skills, as well as problems of formation of non-material values (image, publicity, brand, reputation, etc.).
The journal Communicology gives great opportunities of publishing for students and postgraduate students.
According to the regulations of the journal Communicology, any reader can connect with the authors of the articles and enter into direct contact with the members of the editorial board. This enhances the effectiveness of communication between author and reader, and helps the development of scientific thought. Duplication of electronic versions of the magazine on Communicology.us will significantly enhance the free access to published materials for the readers.

ISSN 2311-3065 (Print version)

ISSN 2311-3332 (Online version)

Name of the publisher: "Optima Project", Moscow, Russia

Congratulations Letter from A. M. Baymenov, the Chairman of Agency for Civil Service Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dear Felix Izosimovich!

I heartily congratulate the Chief Editor and the staff of the journal Communicology with the first issue. I wish you continued success in the field of science, popularization of the journal in wide social circles, as well as prosperity and development of the journal itself and all its staff.
Chairman of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the Civil Service
A. M. Baymenov

Congratulations Letter from Kim Yong Su

Dear Colleagues,

Let me thank you and express my appreciation for the honor to participate in the development and further implementation of the new journal Communicology! 
This type of publication is one of the first attempts to cover a wide range of issues relating to the newly emerging in Russia scientific direction communicology. This system of generated knowledge and activities to obtain new knowledge of communication is an interdisciplinary field of knowledge that unites science and research directions that explore different types of communication (sociology of communication, psychology of communication and some others). In addition, it includes the theory and practice of communicative activities in various social areas, exploring the implementation of communication and in the economic, political, cultural and social spheres.
Such a wide subject area gives an opportunity to participate in the work of your journal to a very wide range of specialists, who consider communicative processes in society from different perspectives, such as sociology and political science, philology and linguistics, as well as cultural studies and philosophy and some others.
Let me also express my sincere appreciation for the fact that this publication gives an opportunity to reflect on its pages the experience of Korean scientists, who in their daily research deal with questions of obtaining new knowledge of the problems of communication in modern society.
I hope that the scientific and practical activity of your journal will help to establish permanent friendly relations and cooperation between scientists of Russia and the Republic of Korea, and will contribute not only to co-development, but also to the strengthening of relations between two our countries.
Respectfully yours,
Professor, Department of Russian,
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS)

Congratulations Letter from E. V. Romat, the Chairman of the Union of Advertisers of Ukraine

Dear Felix Izosimovich!

Dear Colleagues,
Let me congratulate you all on the first issue of the journal Communicology!
I am sure that this journal will make a major contribution to the global problem of communication, faced by people in all areas of activity. Thanks to the Editorial Board for the privilege of entering this reputable scientific community.
Long live the journal Communicology! New achievements to its publishers and authors!
Chairman of the Union of Advertisers of Ukraine,
Doctor of Public Administration, Professor,
Head of the Department of Marketing and Advertising of
Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
E. V. Romat