Structural Changes in the System of the American Mass Media under Donald J. Trump and its Influence on the Political Process in the United States

Author: Alexander L. Shishov

Communicology. 2018. Vol.6. No.6
Shishov Alexander Lvovich, Cand.Sc. (Pol.), Deputy General Director at JSC Soyuzkhimeksport, State Corporation Rostec. Address: 119048, Russia, Moscow, Usacheva st. 24. E-mail:

Abstract. The article reviews the American discourse on the existential crisis of local media caused by the global technological and ideological shifts in its functioning. The author respectively reveals the essence of the “fake news” phenomena and depicts the role of alternative media which generate them in the context of a heated dispute between B. Obama and D. Trump administrations and conservative and liberal American mass media. Applied methodology includes the methods of qualitative and quantitative content analysis of the content of materials of American ‘alternative’ and ‘traditional’ media that reveal various facts and trends that affect the modern American political process. The article shows the mechanism of propaganda by liberal media against the administration of D. Trump.

Keywords: alternative media, fake news, existential crises of the American media, Trump administration

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For citation: Shishov A.L. Structural changes in the system of the American mass media under Donald J. Trump and its influence on the political process in the United States. Communicology (Russia). 2018. Vol. 6. No. 6. Р. 68–79. DOI 10.21453 / 2311-3065-2018-6-6-68-79.

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