Communicative Practices of Migrants: sociocultural technologies for the youth image formation

Author: Valentina I. Gostenina, Alexander Y. Kachalkov 

Communicology. 2018. Vol.6. No.2
Valentina Ivanovna Gostenina, Dr. Sc. (Soc.), Professor, head of the department of sociology and social work, Bryansk State University;
Alexander Yurievich Kachalkov, postgraduate student at the department of sociology and social work, Bryansk State University. Address: 241036, Bryansk, Bezhitskaya St.,14. E-mail: v.gostenina@

Abstract. The paper is dedicated to the critical issue related to the sociological analysis of the communicative practices and ethnic code of migrants communication technologies of the formation of image of youth in communicative space of the host society. It is especially important today, when European countries seem to be swept by the flow of migrants.
However, the classical understanding of the definition of ‘sociality’ and the influence on the modern concept of ethnic interaction in the youth environment through the prism of communicology is considered quite rare, so it contributes a lot into the study of the object in the field of sociology of management. The study of the ethnic image in the described object field allows analyzing the object at the interdisciplinary level with the use of methods of discourse analysis, as well as characterizing the critical discourse arising between the communities of ethnic migrants and the host society. Particular attention is paid to the communicative code of migrants in the labor sphere, emphasis is placed on the distinctive characteristics of the relevant communicative zones and the value measurement of the position of the migrant as an ‘extras’, whose communicative and status space is directed at monitoring the professional activity series and the main values of the formation of the ethnic image in host society.
When analyzing the structure of the ethnic image, the framework of categories is clarified, the image in the communicative space of the receiving society is modeled from the positions of status and role functions in the labor sphere and the mechanism of interaction and interference of the communicative codes of migrants and the host society is identified, thus determining possible effective methods of research and regulation of ethnic problems of society.

Keywords: ethnic image, ethnic code of migrant´s communication, sociality, critical discourse, ethno-social identity, identity style

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For citation: Gostenina V.I., Kachalkov A.Y. Communicology (Russia). 2018. Vol. 6. No.2. P. 60-72. DOI 10.21453 / 2311-3065-2018-6-2-60-72.

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