F.I. Sharkov, Chief Editor of Communicology journal, Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor, Honored Science Worker of the Russian Federation

Dear readers!

This issue is devoted to media communications. Nowadays mass media are the most important information and communication mechanism that sets the whole society in motion. Communications set up by mass media have become ultra-intense, furthermore, they have an extremely strong impact on all the society sectors and aspects of life.

The editorial board is focused on a consistent and fundamental development of the problems of the theory and practice of communication. Each of the journal issues has its theme, the themes of all the journal issues of the coming year are listed on the website. Sending to the press the eighth issue of the journal, I am pleased to note that more than 15 thousand of Russians have read the Russian version of the journal the previous year, and over 8 thousand of foreign readers have read the English version. Among the foreign readers there are more than 3 million of Americans, more than a thousand of Irishmen and Germans, more than 500 of Frenchmen, near 500 of Israelis. The journal is also popular among the readers from Saudi Arabia, China, Turkey, Poland, Latvia and other countries (200 to 500 readers). The number of publications of foreign authors has also increased, including publications in original languages.

The editorial board includes 14 prominent foreign theorists and practitioners from the US, the UK, South Korea, Spain, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and other countries, as well as the leading Russian communicological scientists. The journal consists of basic and special (timed to theme issues) rubrics, the content of which merges into intergral information and communication space, creating conditions for productive and imaginative approach to solving professional problems. The editorial board is constantly seeking to diversify our journal, to make it even more interesting and informative. In addition to the traditional printed version of the journal ISSN 2311-3065 (print) the research materials can be found in the electronic version of scientific journal Communicology, registered in Paris under a separate index ISSN 2311-3332 (online).

The readers can find all the materials of the journal issues, procedure of reviewing, format of articles, partners, library of the journal, photos and other materials in both Russian and English languages on the website of the journal

The staff of the journal is sure that the publication will reveal to its readers a new perspective for their personal and professional growth, and most importantly, will affect the quality of education in every educational institution where our journal will be read. In addition to the pages of the journal issues themselves, the journal library contains an extensive set of teaching and learning materials (textbooks, complexes, programs, courses) of various areas of communication disciplines.

The next issue will be devoted to the legal bases of communication activities.

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