F.Sharkov. GENDER COMMUNICATION. Conference at Georgetown University

Gender-Based Violence Interventions Conflict, Post-Conflict and Transitioning States
March 5, 2014 in Georgetown University  in Conference Center on conference  "Emerging Topics in the Rule of Law". In the conference was attended by the chief editor of "Communicology" Professor Felix Sharkov.

The conference Hosted by the ABA (American Bar Association) Rule of Law Initiate (ABA ROLI). The mission of the ABA ROLI is to promote the rule of law by working with in-country partners to built sustainable institutions and societies that  deliver justice, foster economic opportunity and ensurerespect for human dignity.

Discussion  issues Gender-Based   Violence Interventions in Conflict, Post-Conflict and Transitioning States.

On conference  explored preventative, responsive and remedial interventions aimed at addressing gender-based violence and harmful traditional practices around the world. The discussion underscored the need to ensure accountability to target populations and to engage in continual learning about intended and unintended effects of such interventions.

Do procedural overhauls and innovations—including the introduction of adversarial systems, increased protections and more transparent processes—result in more effective advocacy and fairer criminal justice proceedings? This panel discussed the impact of reforms on citizens and legal professionals.
Here examined whether the goals of fields of traditional justice and the rule of law are compatible or in conflict, and will then use case studies, including a discussion of ABA ROLI’s work in Mali, to considered the practical challenges and opportunities that can arise when transitional justice programs are implemented alongside broader rule of law initiatives.