IGSUP continues its work on the conclusion of international contracts of collaboration with foreign higher education institutions

“At the moment of the creation of our planet, the most beautiful merging of land and sea occured at the Montenegrin seaside... When Pearls of Nature were sown, it was with a full hand that they were cast on this soil…”
George Gordon Byron about Montenegro

“It’s not enough to have one homeland
And just one life to live on earth.
I’d choose the Montenegrin land
To be my second place of birth.”
Vladimir Vysotsky

Professor F. Sharkov, deputy director of the Institute of State Service and Human Resources of RANEPA of the President of Russia on International and Public Affairs, paid a business visit to Montenegro from January 28 to February 6, 2014.

This trip was aimed at strengthening the scientific, educational and cultural collaboration between Montenegro and the Russian Federation, the expansion of international collaboration, the exchange of experiences and cooperation of the two countries in the training of Public Administration specialists.
Professor F. Sharkov on a commission from the director of the IGSUP (Institute of State Service and Human Resources) A. Turchinov carried on negotiations with Montenegrian higher educational institutions (there are one governmental and two non-governmental institutions) on the preliminary preparation of contracts on joint training of Russian and Montenegrin specialists in the framework of the “Two diplomas” program in a number of specialties, joint publications in journals and on universities’ websites,  participation of lecturers, doctoral candidates and post graduate students in lectures, conferences, symposia and round tables, etc.
The longest and most eventful meeting took place in the only governmental University of Montenegro. In addition to previously mentioned questions of the contract preparation the parties made an agreement on the joint publication of the next issue of the international scientific journal “Communicology” on the subject of the ethno-cultural identity of emigrants and immigrants in Montenegro and Russia.
Professor F. Sharkov discussed the subject and conditions of the Contract with Blagoje Cerovic, MD, dean of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Montenegro, located in Niksic, and Professor Slobodan Vucicevic, director of the Institute of Sociology and Psychology of the Faculty of Philosophy of University of Montenegro.

Pictured: Professor F. Sharkov and the dean of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Montenegro Blagoje Cerovic (left), Professor F. Sharkov and the director of the Institute of Sociology and Psychology of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Montenegro Slobodan Vucicevic and post graduate students of the faculty (right)

The negotiations on mutual cooperation involved the discussion of the development and implementation of research projects in the fields of sociology, communication, public administration, information technology, etc.
Professor F. Sharkov also visited the Center of Russian language and culture of the University of Montenegro, which has close contacts with the Russian Foundation “Russian world”.


The heads of the University of Montenegro and IGSUP launched a press conference at the University, which was attended by representatives of the Montenegrin leading television and radio channels, as well as informational portals, newspapers and magazines, in particular, the program “News”, “Daily print”, “Victory”, “Day”, “Television of Niksic”, radio station “Montenegro” and others.
F. Sharkov was interviewed by the press representatives on the subject of his visit’s mission, he spoke about the history and activities of the Russian Presidental Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, commented on the functions, tasks and activities of the Institute of State Service and Human Resources; highlighted the work of the Institute and the Academy and answered numerous questions of journalists.

The IGSUP representative visited the two Montenegrin non-governmental higher educational institutions in Podgorica, where he met with Professor Slobodan Backovic, rector of the Donja Gorica Mediteranski (Mediterranean) University of and former Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Montenegro in Russia, and Professor Veselin Vukotic, famous Montenegrin politician and economist.
The joint activities were also discussed with the leaders of these institutions, and agreements on the conclusion of cooperation contracts were reached.


Pictured: F. Sharkov, deputy director of IGSUP, in the moment of signing a preliminary agreement on cooperation with the rector of the University of  Mediteranski University S. Backovic (left) and Veselin Vukotic, Chancellor of the Donja Gorica University (right)

The heads of Montenegrin higher educational institutions invited A. Turchinov, dean of the faculty “Institute of State Service and Human Resources”, to visit the respective universities in Montenegro and observe their activities in order to conclude the contracts after discussing them with the universities’ staff.