■ Introductory article
Sharkov, F.I. 

■ Communicology: Theory and Methodology
Sharkov F.I. and Podgornaya L.D. Genesis of theories of mass information and communication Bocharov M.P. Distinctive features of effects on audience of information texts
Levkina L.I. Communicative potential - conceptual and terminological apparatus

■ Political Communication and Power
Zotov V.V. Information and communication bases of dialogue of the state and society Vasilenko V.I. Social networks in a globalizing world: safety culture and democracy Efremov E.A. Urban planning policies and power
Yambushev V.Yu. Publicity capital management as a subject of public relations activities Bukharina A.Yu. Power and society communication (on the materials of content-visual presentation of information on the official website of the internet)

■ Problems of Development and Operation of Media Communications
Gostenina V.I. Sociolinguistic codes of a subject of authorities in political contents and in
mass media
Sergeeva A.Yu. Prospects of use of blogging in public relations services
Kazantseva O.A. Journalism in the solution of problems of family trouble

■ Informational Communications and the State
Kiselev A.G. Information support of state management
Vasilenko L.A. Information-communicative aspects of government figures professional development
Tarasova E.V. The E-government in the system of the governance information mechanisms: the Altai region experience

■ Communication and Innovations: Practice and Technology
Komarova L.V. The culture of dialogue as a source of civil society development

■ Scientific Discussions
41 st world congress of the International institute of sociology
Methodological seminar "Cross-disciplinary synthesis of knowledge as a source of power
and leadership for global and local "assembly points": challenges to Science and Education"

■ Testing: Publications of the Applicants for the Academic Degrees
Gerasimov A.V. The role of informational and communicative resources in the public consciousness formation
Pakhmutov D.V. Socio-economic problems and protest moods Drozdova K.V. Efficiency of public control in the consumer market Ryumshin S.A. The Institutes of Mediation in Management of Social Processes

■ Foreign authors
Alikhan Baimenov in the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration Baimenov A.M. Regional hub of civil service in Astana