Safonov, A.L. Introductory article

Political communication and power

Turchinov,  A.I.  The mutual influence of communication and corporate culture in organizations of the state civil service
Alekseev, Yu. V. Capitalization of human development based communication resources new economy
Koksenova,  E.F. Communicative mechanism of the self-organizing political sphere of society

Problems of development and operation of Media Communications

Sharkov, F.I.  and Yudina, E.N. Regulation of relations in the modern media space
Vasilenko, V.I. and Mamedov, R.N. Media security as the subject of scientific analysis
Yambushev, V.Y.  Theoretical and methodological analysis of publications on the problems of leader' publicity capital

Communication: Theory and Methodology

Kravchenko,  S.A. Influence of nonlinear social and cultural dynamics on the risk: challenges  for sociological knowledge
Vasilenko,  L.A. and Gubernova,  M.V. Civil communications and distribution of social roles in the management of socio-epidemic processes

Classic Communication Theory

Fedulova, A.V. and Agapov, P.V. The mass information and communication in postmodern paradigm of w. Baudrillard

Information and communication

Dobrenkova, E.V. Discourse as a communicative experience and verbal communication
Levkina, L.I. Communicative-semantic methodology of research of the modern communities’ evolution
Nechaeva,  I.I.  Sociological information in the personnel evaluation

Ethno-cultural communication

Dmitriev, A.V. and Nazarova,  E.A. Conflict potential of ethnocultural communications in migration field of Moscow
Nazarov, A.D. Modern ethnomigration processes in the system of global public relations: communicative aspect

Communication and Innovation: Practice and Technology

Tot’myanina, J.V. Innovation: from linear to a mental model of information dissemination
Kireeva, O.F. Communicative consulting in the system of communicative management of organizations

Scientific discussions

Methodological seminar "Information and communication paradigm of Russian statehood development" in the frame of a permanent methodological seminar   "Russian statehood in the context of globalization", IGSUP RANE

Testing: publications of the applicants of the Academic Degrees

Efremov, E.A.  The problems of social advertising
Paramonov,  A.P. Social potential and social reserves of the military organization
Shtanko, M.Y. Modern migration communication in Russia: Problems and special features.

In the original language

Gwynn, M. Powell. Cross-cultural observation of management in action: collective and individual culture
Sztompka, P. Seminar in visual sociology